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Different Categories of Fragrance.

Fresh Scents
Fresh scents are light and energizing, commonly include citrus notes, and are well suited for someone who doesn’t want a strong “perfume-y” smell. “Fresh fans are vivacious, energetic, fun loving, playful, and live each day to the fullest.”

Floral Scents
Sephora says those who typically enjoy floral scents are “elegant, feminine, and passionate romantics.” Common floral notes are jasmine, rose, gardenia, and iris. Depending on the notes used, floral scents can smell both very youthful and girly, or can be better suited to a more mature woman.

Oriental Scents
Those who favour oriental scents, according to Sephora, are “passionate, confident, and sophisticated.” Oriental perfumes are often warm, heavy, and spicy, and can make them great night-time scents. Typical notes found in oriental scents are vanilla, amber, cloves, and musk.

Woody Scents
Patchouli, sandalwood, cedar wood, and amber are all common notes found in woody scents, which Sephora says are best suited to women who are “sensual, free-spirited, and nurturing.” Some woody scents tend to smell more unisex or masculine.

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